Study and implement the eighteenth big spirit Beautiful Chinese action involved

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      By studying the eighteenth big spirit, I deeply realize the party and the country's emphasis on non-public economy and concern. I was particularly impressive, the report will be separate into article focuses on ecological civilization construction, systematic five years in the future was put forward overall requirements of promote the building of ecological civilization, will "beautiful China" the grand goal of construction of ecological civilization as the future into the construction of socialist modernization's overall layout. This is the future development of chemical industry put forward a claim for higher level, to promote the sustainable development to green development height, must respect the nature, care for the environment, leave more ecological asset for later generations.
      To realize the green development of resource saving, environment friendly, chemical companies a long way to go. We must keep in mind that for the duty of protecting the environment, their environmental obligation to fulfill the fundamental, to exercise the utmost. With effective measures to discipline yourself, don't let the hometown of rivers and lakes, the blue sky white clouds again because waste water, waste gas emissions, dust is damaged, this is the most basic responsibility of each and every one of us chemical companies.
      Guangxin chemical since founded, always adhere to the "zero emissions" management concept, focus on promoting energy conservation and emissions reduction, clean production and circular economy, to build a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society has made a positive contribution.
      In the next stage of development, we will actively response to the construction of the party central committee "beautiful China" call for further promote safety production standardization construction, environment, to strengthen the management, protection of occupational safety and health. At the same time, to deepen energy conservation and emissions reduction, clean production, and vigorously develop circular economy, technology innovation and product innovation as the breakthrough point, promote the green development. The development of chemical industry and progress is the basic requirement of ecological civilization construction. No chemical industry sustainable development, there is no the guarantee of construction of ecological civilization. Human society for chemical industry safer, more the requirements of environmental protection, more economy, chemical industry to provide products and technology, as well as the society to provide a series of technology solutions for sustainable development, helps to solve a series of difficulties and challenges facing human and social.
      Guangxin chemical industry has been to build a resource saving, environment friendly and intrinsically safe vigor harmonious enterprise as a strategic goal, in accordance with the strategic orientation of the new material, new science, insisting on the innovation in the development, create new idea of science and technology innovation in development. In 2012, we based on their actual, implement the strategy of scale expansion, the successful acquisition of two domestic polypropylene production enterprises 100 share, make our production and sales network to further expand the coverage, improved the guangxin sales of chemical products in the domestic market share, among the domestic polypropylene industry's largest private company, to seek greater development in the future, realize green development, implement the innovation strategy laid a solid foundation.
      We know that the construction of beautiful China, building a harmonious society, we can not live without social and public support. Only positive practice development cycle, low carbon and green development, constantly introducing new technology to solve environmental protection and resource conservation project, step by step to obtain the public's understanding and cognition, let common people openly face chemical, eliminate insecurity, share chemical industry to create a better life.